Founding of the Angels

In 2016, a group of investors came together to help each other vet deals relating to local, Filipino companies. These people are angel investors -- high net worth private individuals who can provide funding for startups on their earlier stages than many venture capitalists are willing to invest. Not only Angels invest part of their personal assets, but also they provide industry tips and tricks for entrepreneurs.

"Angel investors are focused on helping startups take their first steps, rather than the possible profit they may get from the business."


In the Philippines, this group of people involved in angel investing is known as the Manila Angel Investors Network—or "MAIN"—and is the largest committed group of angel investors in the Philippines to date. - Advanced Pitch Meeting, City Club, Makati City, Philippines


Investor Membership

MAIN members include private individuals (angel investors) and corporate members—such as financial services firms and venture investment offices. 

Prospective members are duly screened and vetted, and must be endorsed by a current member in order to be considered. 

Investor-Member Meetings

MAIN holds a formal investor-members only meeting once per quarter to review top, vetted deals on the table. And in between formal quarterly investors meetings, MAIN members often get together in more social circumstances—over coffee or drinks—to review deals that have advanced at their respective offices.

A unique feature of MAIN is its sidecar fund. Many MAIN members satisfy their investment commitment for the year by investing into MAIN's sidecar fund. This fund is contributed to by both individual investor members and corporate members. The fund elects on a regular basis, investment committee members. This committee approves (or not) participation in deals that MAIN members participate in (3 or more MAIN members must be involved for the committee to consider participation— is just one criteria point).

Benefits of this fund include another layer of vetting via the committee and individual investor member leverage within the opportunity.