Applications for drone technology run wide. From military to real estate, disparate markets are fast making use of drone packaged technologies, which include AI and machine learning to robotics. MAIN's interest in drones stems from drone technology's inherent exercise of economies of scale—i.e. more and more of drone-application isn't merely about simply leveraging a person (a pilot flying surveying a piece of land lies thousands of miles away from where the pilot himself is situated, for example), but about automation: autonomous technologies. Indeed, a breakthrough application and solution in the drone space would make for a huge opportunity. 



Many MAIN members' portfolios include a considerable exposure in fintech. Despite how crowded this segment is, MAIN is still interested in unique opportunities in this space. Emphasis is always weighted moreso toward the leaders behind the opportunity rather than the market opportunity itself, but this is even moreso the case within fintech. Leaders must possess the experience and proven expertise in their respective endeavors in order to be considered as a viable opportunity. 

Typical areas of concern in fintech include regulation and security.